New Wedding Planning Tips Video Series Coming!

I will be starting a new wedding video blog series that is aimed at engaged couples who in the planning stages of their wedding. My goal is to help give back to the wedding community and share some common wedding planning tips, questions, and mistakes I have seen over the last 11 years. My hopes are to harness the knowledge from hundreds of weddings that I have seen go well, and not so well and give you that information, while answering general etiquette questions, timelines, “what to do if” questions etc. I want you to also send me ideas of things you are struggling with for your wedding, and I hope to tackle the topic because I know you, and others all to often struggle with many of the same issues.

This video covers what I will be covering in the upcoming, and hopefully long running series. I also give you a brief history of my self, and my own experience in the wedding world.

Stay tuned for more details!